P3ICLI Example Usage

Three Input Components Required

  1. A PowerPoint template slide
  2. Pictures and/or graphics files, like these:
    baby pout thumbnail  
    baby pose thumbnail  
    baby smiling2 thumbnail  
    baby drool1 thumbnail  
    baby on stomach thumbnail  
    baby smiling1 thumbnail  

    [thumbnails and layout created by polyview]  
  3. A simple script, like this:
    # begin script
    open template \path\to\sampleTemplate.pot
    # populate slide #1 => 3 pics
    title "What a cute baby!"
    pic1 c:\temp\baby_smiling1.jpeg
    cap1 "Say Cheese!"
    pic2 c:\temp\baby_smiling2.jpeg
    cap2 "Feb, 2005"
    pic3 c:\temp\baby_pose.jpeg
    cap3 "Blue skies"
    clean slide                  # remove pic4 and cap4 shapes
    # all slide 1 template picture shapes populated
    duplicate template           # create and move to next slide
    # populate slide #2 => 3 pics
    title "Happy Baby"
    pic1 c:\temp\baby_pout.jpeg
    cap1 "Are we done, yet?"
    pic3 c:\temp\baby_drool1.jpeg
    cap3 "Can we talk?"
    pic4 c:\temp\baby_on_stomach.jpeg
    cap4 "Just for fun"
    clean slide                  # remove pic2 shape
    save as presentation c:\temp\example.ppt

Invoke P3CLI From A Command Prompt To Create A Presentation

c:\some\directory> p3icli name_of_script_file.txt

The Final Result

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